We all know it is in everyone’s best interest for all of us to live a little greener. Here are a few tips on the simple things you can do in your yard that will make a big difference in the long run:


Composting is simple and easy. Just by collecting your fruit and vegetable kitchen scraps you can create a rich and nutrient-filled plant food that will increase growth, re-blooming and overall plant health. For more detailed information on how to begin a composting check out this web page from the EPA:

Downspout Rain Collection Barrels

When summers are long and hot, like the ones we have here in Georgia, water can be your most precious and rare garden commodity. By simply installing rain barrels at the end of your downspouts you can capture water to reuse for plants that would ordinarily run off and potentially be wasted and reuse it for your plants. These barrels can collect up to 60 gallons of water. Most come with a spigot or tap for easy hose hook up or access to fill your watering can. Sixty gallons can easily water a 10 x 12 foot bed for a week in the hot summer weather.

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